Pečarič Vineyard Cottage

The Pečarič Vineyard Cottage at Podulce, just 12 km from Krško, is surrounded by vineyards and offers a lovely panorama of the Gorjanci Range.

The Pečarič Vineyard Cottage (Zidanica Pečarič in Slovene) features a stone wine cellar, a wooden ground floor and a furnished attic. It consists of a bedroom with 2 beds and 6 additional beds in the attic, a bathroom, a kitchen alcove, a sitting room with a table for up to 20 chairs, as well as an exterior covered patio and a barbecue grill. Up to 4 cars can be parked next to the building. The cottage is a great starting point for your discoveries of the wine route or cycling on the many trails, perhaps to see the winemaking collection at the Cvičkov hram.


Address: Podulce, 8274 Raka
Phone:041 392 722
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