Ravni Log, Bohor

A wonderful clearing in the midst of the Bohorje hills is a true movie scene, appropriate for a carefree picnic under a mighty tree. It is quite likely that nothing will disturb your peace other than the twitter of birds and the murmuring of the forest because the beautiful location is not frequently visited.
To get the full experience, stay at the rural Kozmus Hostel, where it is very possible that you will be served by the gold Olympic medallist Primož Kozmus, or rent an e-bike at the Rajhenburg castle, buy vegetables and home-made cold cuts from the neighbouring farms or head out to Ravni Log.
Despite the steep ascent towards Ravni Log the village can be reached by an e-bike in less than an hour. Those who are looking for a greater physical challenge can also take a regular bike, but forest trails make off-road bicycles more appropriate.
A picnic in the unspoiled natural surroundings can be complemented by jumping in the Brestanica pool to deliver a serious summer refreshment.

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