Ribiška družina Brestanica

Are you one of those who needs running water, pristine nature, birds and tranquillity to find calm and take you into the world, where you can forget the many worries that surround you every day?
If the answer is yes, then the right and excellent choice is fishing on the Sava or Krka rivers or surrounding local ponds.
Both the Sava and Krka are full of different fish species, such as common nase, the Danube roach, perch, the Prussian carp, russ, chub, bream, asp, carp, pike and catfish. Both rivers also invite you on a passage down their beds with kayaks or canoes, or to test your sport fishing skills.
In the magical environment of the Mačkovci ponds at Brestanica, fishing enthusiasts can enjoy fishing for it many carp, grass carp, bighead carp, etc. Nearby is a caravan park, where you can also put up a tent.


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