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The wide and 20 km long mountain range Bohor that stretches in an arc in an east-west direction lies  north of the city of Krško. The highest-situated hamlet of Bohor is Stranje, lying at 820 meters above sea level, while the highest peak of the Bohor, Veliki Javornik, rises to 1,024 meters above sea level. The mighty and proud forests have always offered shelter to many people, animals and plants.

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The area of Bohor is the home to a spectacular masterpiece of nature, allowing nature lovers to enjoy as many as four majestic waterfalls – Bojanca, Pekel, Ubijavnik and Bojavnik. The foaming waterfalls take more than a 15-metre dive into the depths below.
The waterfalls are little known to the general public and it is owing to their mysteriousness that they run proud in the embrace of tranquillity. The waterfalls are hidden deep in the ravines of brooks, which makes the place devoid of tourists, but they can still be easily reached by nearly anyone who possesses some outdoor skills and physical endurance by following the Trail to the Four Waterfalls, which reveals a beautiful world of waterfalls and makes a good day-long trip.

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