Welcome to a guided tour of the wonderful Rajhenburg Castle and to a tasting of chocolates and the first chocolate wine in Slovenia.
The Rajhenburg Castle is situated in an idyllic location and has an even more spectacular view. The first written record of the castle dates back to 895, so it can claim a truly venerable age. The castle’s premises reveal stories about the noblemen and bear witness to the mysterious life of the Trappist monks who ruled the castle for almost 60 years. In those times, the Trappists made liqueurs, cheeses, chocolates, sparkling wine and a lot more.

After visiting the castle, you can head off into the nearby vicinity, discovering the Kunej House of Vines, Wines and Chocolate, which stems from the years-old family viticulture and wine production tradition that dates to the end of the 19th century. They cultivate well over 5 hectares of vineyards with a rich variety selection. Their speciality is red wine, refined with dark chocolate – Chocolat IMPERIAL, and white wine with white chocolate. They also make other chocolate products inspired by the rich Trappist heritage and are also engaged in grafting.


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