Food in Slovenia- what and where to eat?

Where to eat and what to order in Slovenia? This is a quick guide what food to expect in different establishments througout the country when traveling around Slovenia.

Types of food providers:

‘Gostilna’ is a type of restaurant that usually serves traditional food and some additional dishes or other continental culinary specialties (wiener schnitzel, spaghetti or pizza).

Also, different types of Restaurants can be found in urban and rural areas. Some of them serve traditional food or modern versions of them, others have international influence (Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Indian, Japanese, Chinese), mostly in bigger towns.

Both of them serves special menu from Monday to Friday:

10.00–12.00 ‘Malica’- very affordable one course meal before lunch (brunch) with few different options to choose from (cost 4-6€). One of them consist of meat, side dish and salad, other could be casserole or stew with some bread.

12.00-14.00 ‘Kosilo’- lunch with few different options usually served in 3 -course meal (soup, main dish and dessert), cost between 10-15€

All day and weekends there is ‘A la cart’ menu with wide range of dishes to choose from- (meat, fish and vegetarian dishes, side orders, salads, desserts), cost starts from 15€ per individual dish.

Tourist farms are for those who want to taste some delicious home grown and home made food in beautiful countryside surroundings. Most of them only prepare food with prior reservation, some of them are open every day. Do check awailability beforehand and make sure to taste everything what they offer fresh from farm (cold meats, cheese, sausage, salads bread, cakes…)!

Snack bars could be found in small or big towns, offering fast food, especially famous Bosnian meat dishes. (burger, kebab, french fries…)

Last option- Make your own food

If you like cooking, you have to visit the town food markets that offers a wide selection of vegetables and fruit, but also dairy products, bread, meat, sausages, eggs… fresh every morning directly from the farms nearby. Many farmers sell products directly from their farm,
pay attention for road signs.

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