Chocolate Day

A castle with a fabulous view, chocolate and chocolate wine.

You are invited to visit the wonderful Rajhenburg Castle where you may taste exquisite chocolates and the first chocolate wine of Slovenia.
Rajhenburg Castle is situated in an idyllic location with a view that is second to none. Its first mention in written sources dates back as far as 895, which is rather impressive by any standard. The venerable Castle’s exhibitions tell the stories of the lords of the manor from centuries past and reveal the secrets of the Trappist monks who inhabited and managed it for almost 60 years. During this time, the Trappists were making liqueurs, cheeses, chocolate, sparkling wine and more.

After having visited the Castle head on to the nearby Kunej House of Grapevines, Wines and Chocolates, which is the culmination of a long-time family tradition of winegrowing and winemaking that began in late 19th century. On a little over 5 hectares of vineyards, the family grows a rich selection of varieties. Their specialty are wines blended with chocolate – red with dark chocolate and white with white – sold under the Chocolat Impérial brand. They also make other chocolate-based delights inspired by rich Trappist traditions. Another important activity of the Kunej Winery is producing vine grafts.


Address:Cesta izgnancev 3
Phone:07 620 42 16
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