Dunaj Trail

Start from Brestanica, with a view of the mighty Rajhenburg Castle.

Start from Brestanica, with a view of the mighty Rajhenburg Castle, up a wooded slope that used to be covered by the Castle’s vineyards, which is attested by  some of the old grapevine varieties.
Continue uphill towards Dunaj nad Krškim, where a prehistorical and late-Antiquity-era archaeological site just outside the village, and where the first healing energy spots in the Lower Sava Valley have been identified and signposted.
The path then continues towards Straža nad Krškim and then goes past the villages of Senožete and Ivandol along at the edge of the forest, followed by an uphill section to St Stephen’s church, then downhill past vineyards to Ajdovska cave – a temple from the late Neolithic and also a summer where Mediterranean horseshoe bats give birth to their pups.
After leading across a karstic field where most of the typical karstic phenomena can be observed, the trail climbs to the temple of the Svibna Institute on Brezovska Gora (hill), from where it is possible to return on foot past Kobile, the ski jumping hills at Spodnje Dule back to Gora, Dunaj and finally to Brestanica.     


Izhodiščna točka: Pečnik Inn (Gostilna Pečnik)
Končna točka: Ajdovska Cave (Ajdovska jama) or return to the point of departure
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Višinska razlika:  
Minimalno število oseb:  
Cena na osebo:  
Cena na skupino:  

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