Hiking around Leskovec

Centuries-old hiking trails in the local community of Leskovec

Under the participatory budget for 2021, 11 undemanding walking and hiking trails representing centuries-old footpath routes and connecting the Leskovec local community to other towns were laid out. For all hiking trails, GPS tracking apps are available to guide you through individual routes. All routes are available on the website www.outdoractive.com, where every route has its own number. The starting point for all hiking trails is by the Church of the Sorrowful Mother of God in Leskovec.

1. The Heathen trail (no. 11)
The Heathen hiking trail starts on the Trg borcev Square, by the Church of the Sorrowful Mother of God. The route is 6.28 km long and can be categorised as undemanding. It takes about an hour and 22 minutes to complete in one direction. The Heathen trail got its name from a landmark located along the way – the Heathen cave (Ajdovska jama). It is a natural landmark representing a miniature world of karst and a cultural heritage at the same time, as the first traces of human presence go back to the Old Stone Age. Today, the cave is home to animals of a special kind – bats. For more information and to arrange to visit the cave, go to the website www.ajdovska-jama.si.
2. The Šrajbarska pot trail (no. 4)
The Šrajbarska pot walking trail is set up as a 3 km long circular route and takes about 30 minutes to walk. The route is easy and undemanding and runs alongside important historical sights, such as the Šrajbarski turn castle, the mausoleum of the House of Auersperg and tourist attractions such as the Krško Wine Cellar. The present picture shows Valvasor's copperplate engraving of the castle, known under the German name of Thurn am Hart.
3. Trail to Kobile (no. 6)
The trail to Kobile is an easy hiking trail, is 8.9 km long, and take about an hour and 30 minutes in both directions. Along the way, you can observe the beautiful unspoiled nature and enjoy the views. In the village of Kobile, you can take a rest on the benches by the grass playground. You can make your route even more interesting by visiting the Ethnological Museum of Kobile located in the heritage-protected Šribar farm, at the address Kobile 3.

4. Trail to St. Stephen's Church (no. 10)
The hiking trail from the starting point to St. Stephen's Church is 6.48 km long, and you will need approximately an hour and 26 minutes to complete in one direction. It is an undemanding or easy hiking trail but is one of the longer centuries-old footpaths. At its highest point, you will be rewarded with an exceptional view.

You can access website www.outdooractive.com , where you will also find the following routes:
The Ciciban (Preschooler's) trail (no. 1)
The School trail (no. 2)
The Prešeren trail (no. 3)
The Vesel trail (no. 5)
The Gal trail (no. 7)
The Circular trail (no. 8)
The Ladi trail (no. 9) 
5. The Ciciban (Preschooler's) trail (no. 1)
The Ciciban trail is 1.4 km long and can be walked in 14 minutes. It is an easy route that you can use for a really short walk when you don’t have much time. The Ciciban trail is a popular walking trail that runs along the creek, and it is often used in the morning by the local kindergarten for walks with the youngest.

6. The School trail (no. 2)
The School trail is an easy, undemanding trail that is 3.6 km long and can be walked in 37 minutes. It is a circular path on which you can also do daily recreational training exercises. The trail mostly runs through the forest and is even suitable for walking in the summertime.

7. The Prešeren trail (no. 3)
Prešeren's trail is an undemanding, 4.2 km long route and can be done in 44 minutes. It is designed as a circular path running mostly along already well-trodden forest paths. Like the Šrajbarska pot trail, the Prešeren trail leads alongside important historical sights, such as the Šrajbarski turn castle, the mausoleum of the House of Auersperg, and tourist attractions such as the Krško Wine Cellar.

8. The Vesel trail (no. 5)
The Vesel trail is also designed as a circular hiking trail and is undemanding. It is 5 km long and can be finished in 50 minutes. We start at the Church of the Sorrowful Mother of God, continue along the Castle trail, on through the forest to the Šrajbarski turn castle, continue towards Loke village and return to the starting point down the forest trail.

9. The Gal trail (no. 7)
The Gal trail is 5.29 km long and takes roughly 58 minutes to an hour to complete. The Gal trail leads us along the Ulica Anke Salmičeve street, the Sejmiška Ulica street and the Forest trail, bringing us to a tarmac road above the village of Veniše, where a beautiful view of the Krško polje field is available. The circular route then takes us back to the starting point along the road through the village.

10. The Circular trail (no. 8)
The Circular trail is 5.57 km long, and you can complete it in an hour and 57 minutes. The trail largely runs through the woods and away from the roads. Starting in Leskovec, the trail runs towards the villages of Loke and Selce pri Leskovcu and then takes us to the Krakovski gozd forest, where you will be able to enjoy its unspoiled nature. The route is undemanding and suitable for all generations.

11. The Ladi trail (no. 9)
The Ladi trail can be slightly more demanding for the unprepared hiker, but it is still categorised as one of the easy routes. It is 9.97 km long and takes two hours. The trail is ideal for hikers who wish for a few more climbs and views.


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