Planina Trail 1

A magnificent panorama of the Krško Basin.

The trail leading to Planina starts at Podbočje.
There is actually a road paved with asphalt leading to the end of the trail at the village of Planina, but you may use one of the numerous walking paths that were used in the past as shortcuts to get from the hills down to the valley.
The walk leads through unspoilt nature, past vineyards, meadows and patches of woodland, old farms with houses and outbuildings, and typical rural small chapels.
At the top of Planina, there is a fabulous panoramic point. The view reveals the beauties of the valley of the Krka and the Sava, the Krško Basin and Krakovski forest, but on a very clear day, one can see as far as the top of Slovenia’s highest mountain, Mount Triglav.  

Pot na PlaninoPot na PlaninoPot na PlaninoPot na Planino iz PodbočjaPot na Planino iz Podbočja



Izhodiščna točka: Podbočje
Končna točka: Return to the point of departure
Čas trajanja: 4 h
Višinska razlika:  
Minimalno število oseb:  
Cena na osebo:  
Cena na skupino:  

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