Stari grad Trail

The trail leads from the Main Square of Podbočje and ends at Stari grad with a panorama of the Krško Basin.

The trail leads from the Main Square of Podbočje, turning left at the junction and crossing an arched stone bridge. To the right, there is a succession of bridges linking the courtyards of the houses with the main road. Crossing the Sušica Stream on the fifth bridge, the trail then leads towards the forest past the house at Stari Grad 1. A 150-year-old house stands in the middle of the slope. The path then leads to another junction. The middle path runs from the stream alongside the trail.
There is the option to choose the path from the stream uphill towards the Vineyard Cottages, or the right path towards a crucifix visible from the junction, or return to junction and take the right path also to the cross at Stari grad to the panoramic viewpoint.
To return, there are also two options: either the road or by following the signs past vineyards and cottages to the village of Žabjek.
The main road leads to a big spruce tree that shelters a small old chapel with wooden pillars. Behind it is a nice view of the village and church leading back to the starting point.


Izhodiščna točka: Square by the Holy Cross Church (Sv. Križ in Slovene)
Končna točka: Square by the Holy Cross Church
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