South-east Slovenia – vacationing amidst vineyard-covered hills and thermal springs

South-east Slovenia – vacationing amidst vineyard-covered hills and thermal springs

You are kindly invited to spend your holiday in the Posavje region in south-east Slovenia amidst wine-growing hills and thermal springs!

The south-eastern Slovenian region of Posavje offers relaxation, health and recharging. A romantic mosaic of plains, vineyards and castles intertwined with thermal springs is an excellent choice for everyone seeking health, relaxation, active holidays and authentic local cuisine. Treat yourself to some unforgettable holidays!

Explore local specialities!

Unspoiled nature far from the city bustle offers authentic contact with locals, presentation of traditional farming and endless possibilities for outdoor activities. With accommodation provided in traditional rustic vineyard cottages, you will spend your vacation amidst vineyards while indulging in local gastronomic delights and the magnificent panorama. Infinite possibilities for hiking and cycling the backroads are available all four seasons of the year. Visits to small fruit and vegetable farms, famous also for their variety of meats – charcuterie, offer a spectrum of possibilities and flavours, so treat yourself to this home-made experience.

Celebrate your taste buds!

Diverse inns and restaurants in town offer everything from traditional local cuisine to the modern and creative, plated by experienced chefs. The countryside invites you to excursions and tourist farm visits offering regional, local and house delicacies straight from the produce of Posavje. Welcoming winegrowers from numerous wine cellars will take you on guided wine-tasting tours through their cellars, where you can indulge in their red and white wines. You should also visit the region’s unique root cellars, caves dug out of silica sand once used to store produce, but today used as a special setting for wine tasting.

Wellness and pampering at the spa

Treat your body to the therapeutic effects of thermal springs and wellness regimes at the largest Slovenian spa Terme Čatež or at the somewhat more intimate and smaller Terme Paradiso. Both provide preventive, medical and wellness programmes for all generations. Thermal water was discovered in this part of Slovenia by the Romans and has been part of the wellness offer for decades.

Touring a land of castles and monasteries

Culture lovers can tour a land of castles by visiting the Castles of Posavje, where numerous events are organised and both temporary and permanent exhibitions and museum collections are held. Castle walls are teeming with stories of the past.The Castles of The Posavje

Boating around Slovenia’s only “island town”

Kostanjevica na Krki, the smallest Slovenian town, stands proudly on an island amidst the Krka river, so take a boat or SUP around the island and freshen up in the green Krka river. For a perfect end to an adventuresome day, take a peek into the Kostanjevica karstic cave or set off on one of many hiking tours in the surroundings.