Celebration of St. George’s Day at Zdole

Jurjevanje na Zdolah

This is one of the best known events in Posavje organised by the Tourist Horticulture Association and the Community of Zdole.
The celebration of the local holiday usually starts at 5 am with bell ringing in the local church and the reveille played by the Krško brass band. Afterwards it is time for some egg frying, for which the locals collect several thousand eggs, as well as sausages, the evening before. This is followed by the arrival of “Green George” who is usually best welcomed by the youngest ones. The day never ends without a competition where participants prepare the Zdole mushroom soup. After the culinary treats comes the peak of the event in the late afternoon, when the real party with live music starts. The celebration of St. George’s Day at Zdole is known throughout Slovenia and always receives up to 1,000 people from Slovenia.