Lower Sava Valley Festival of themed trails

The Lower Sava Valley Festival of themed trails involves over 30 organised walking tours with expert guiding, educational programmes, culinary specialties from the Lower Sava Valley, local stories and a varied choice of accommodation. It is part of a national project named SLOVENIA WALKS (‘SLOVENIJA HODI’) promoted by, among others, our Olympic gold medallist Mr Primož Kozmus.
The organised tours are aimed at providing an opportunity to learn, to discover our natural and cultural heritage, as well as at promoting sporting activities and relaxing walks in a natural environment.
If you wish to know more about the programme and about a wealth of accommodation options, the culinary offer and local wine providers, as well as about other points of interest, do not hesitate to contact the Tourism Information Centre of Krško.


Address:CKŽ 46, 8270 Krško
Phone:07/490 22 20

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