Vertovšek Farm

The Vertovšek Farm is in an isolated location, between the edge of a forest and meadows.

From spring till autumn, the place to be at the Vertovšek Farm (Izletniška kmetija Vrtovšek in Slovene) is underneath the double hayrack right next to the woods, where there is enough seating for 150 people. There is also a dancefloor and a small stage for a band. The indoor dining area decorated in a traditional rustic style can welcome up to 60 guests.
This location is well suited to various picnic-style celebrations as well as slightly more formal events such as wedding receptions.
Guests can feast on hearty fare made with ingredients produced at the farm, including lamb, suckling pig, (goat) kid, kotlovina mixed meat stew, goulash, strudels, buckwheat and maize žganci and bread from a wood-fired oven.
The focus of the Vertovšek Farm is sheep farming but they have many other animals, too.


Address:Veliki Kamen 42, 8282 Koprivnica
Phone:041 983 170
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