The energy ob culture!

Let the quaint façades of the Old Town tell you a story…

Old Town

Even though it is the nearby River Krka that lent its name to Krško, the watercourse humming near the Old Town is Slovenia’s longest river – the Sava. Krško Old Town is akin to a mysterious atom – small yet charged with interesting particles of history and strong cultural energy. The most picturesque way of discovering its charms is on foot or by pedalling a Krčan, the city bicycle that may be rented free of charge from three locations in town.

A very special energy of creativity and innovative thought can be felt in Krško. Upon visiting the town, you will be immersed in an intriguing historical novel, its protagonists just dying for you to meet you! Learn about the three men with breakthrough ideas whom we can thank for the first Slovenian printed books and the development of our language. They will keep you company while you take a breather in the Town Park and direct you towards the Valvasor Library where they will reveal to you the first Slovenian translation of the Bible dating back to almost half a millennium.

On your stroll from the place that proudly displays some of the first printed books in our language towards the only speedway museum in the country, you will find that the historical and cultural treasury of Krško is full of unique stories. In addition to the only nuclear power plant in Slovenia and the nation’s first-ever chocolate manufacturing machine, Krško can also be proud of one of Slovenia’s most beautiful mausoleums, the final resting place of the Hočevar couple who were important patrons of the arts and supporters of education Krško. You will learn of Josipina Hočevar’s philanthropy at the City Museum of Krško, spread out across three buildings and featuring both a permanent collection as well as temporary exhibitions.

Through the centuries, the house of the former Mayor of Krško and renowned Slovenian author Janez Mencinger was home to a number of wealthy residents and important writers. Here, you can also peek into the drying room where fruits used to be dried with the heat of an open fire.

Krško is the birthplace of many grand stories and the home of numerous creative people. You may browse through the items made by local craftsmen, artists and entrepreneurs at the small shops in the Old Town and purchase a pocketful of unique souvenirs. After the day spent making new discoveries, we recommend you stop by one of the local inns and treat yourselves to some local fare and a bottle of premium wine.