The pleasant small town on the banks of the River Sava is the meeting place of numerous business journeys, as well as cultural, culinary, educational and dynamic experiences.


Discover Krško!

The Municipality of Krško covers almost 300 square kilometres (180 sqm) and has roughly 26,000 inhabitants. The entire countryside around Krško is rather well suited for agricultural activities, a fact reflected in the tasty local gastronomy. The wine epiphany of the Lower Sava Valley or Posavje as we call it in Slovene, thanks to its varied and picturesque flavours as well as with our autochthonous tipple, the cviček, definitely conjures up a wonderful supplementation to the admirable gourmet achievements of the local restaurateurs. By all means, Krško and its area can rightfully be proud of the varied culinary and wine offer: there is bound to be something for any palate.

In addition to the gourmand experiences, we should not forget about the sights and points of interest to tourists, which are in a great measure marked by the colourful cultural past that seems to permeate everything: from grammarian Bohorič to Protestant translator Dalmatin, and of course polymath Valvasor and may others who enriched or in any other way left their imprint on Krško, but above all on Slovenian history and culture.

Krško invites you to discover it! To experience all of the cultural, culinary, fun, educational and dynamic experiences this small town has to offer.

Try walking or pedalling on the limitless hiking or cycling trails in the area for the perfect outdoor exercise, then discover the Old Town and the more recent neighbourhoods of the town, where you will find many interesting propositions in terms of content and things on offer. In this town known throughout the nation for the energy it produces, you might want to head to the interactive multimedia centre called The World of Energy (Svet energije in Slovene) which will provide you with an entirely new experience of energy and energetics. Also waiting to be discovered are the stories from the past told by the numerous churches, monasteries and castles dotted around Krško and its surroundings.

This picturesque countryside is the right choice for a daytrip, short break or a real vacation, while the town presents countless opportunities to discover its points of interest, chat over a cup of coffee, and for fun during the many music, sporting and other (traditional) events.

Find the experience that suits you best!

How to reach us
Krško is situated at the end of the Sava Gorge that then widens into the Krško Basin. The town occupies both the left and right banks of Slovenia’s longest river. It is the hub of the Lower Sava Valley and accessible from the motorway linking Ljubljana with Zagreb (Croatian capital), and via local roads from Celje, Maribor and Novo mesto.  Krško is 98 km from Ljubljana and 51 km from Zagreb.