Cycling around Brestanica and its area

Cycling along the riverbanks of the Sava

The route begins at the Pečnik Inn (Gostilna Pečnik in Slovene), then crosses the bridge over the Sava. At the end of the bridge, turn left to the regional road past Turn Castle, and then onward past the settlement of Rožno to and then through Blanca. When you descend and pass under the railway past an inn, turn left to a bicycle lane that will take you back to Brestanica along the riverbank of the Sava. The final section leads through a railway underpass, past Turn Castle, crossing the bridge over the Sava and to the Pečnik Inn.

Route map

Cycling to the Fishponds at Mačkovci

The route begins at the Pečnik Inn (Gostilna Pečnik in Slovene), then crosses the bridge over the Sava. At the end of the bridge, turn left to the regional road past Turn Castle onto the riverbank. Keep on the bicycle lane alongside the Sava to the Krško Hydroelectric Powerplant. (Hidroelektrarna Krško in Slovene). You will then descend under the slip lane of the road and, after a few metres, see an underpass under the slip lane and railway. Ride through the underpass and reach the local road at Sotelsko, where you turn left back towards Brestanica. A few metres before the large quarry, continue through the tunnel of the former narrow-gauge railway, which now accommodates a well-tended cycling and hiking trail. Continue to the small bridge spanning Brestanica Stream, cross it and pedal on the local road to Anže, Veliki Dol and Koprivnica. Here, you should turn left and pedal uphill to Veliki Kamen. After the descent, head left to Lokve. After a short descent, there is a short climb where you must once more turn left towards Raztez. This is followed by steep descent towards the Mačkovci Fishponds where the Fishing association of Krško-Brestanica has its seat. Continue on the local road back to Brestanica. At the crossroads by the Primož Kozmus Hostel, turn left and take the main road again back to the Pečnik Inn.

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Cycling around Brestanica

The cycling route begins at the Pečnik Inn and then crosses the Sava. Continue alongside by the Brestanica Stream and cross it by the Fire Brigade Station. Then you will pass through a short tunnel of the former narrow-gauge railway. When you cross a bridge over the Brestanica Stream once more, turn left and pedal alongside the stream to Anže, until you get to a junction where you turn left towards Gorica. In the village, go past its church and cemetery where a difficult descent begins, followed by a climb to Raztez. There, you will turn right by the bus stop and at the next junction left to Armeško. Once on the main road, turn left to Brestanica. At the roundabout, take the third exit to the Allegro Inn and continue past the Adam Bohorič Primary School to Dolenji Leskovec. After the village, a steep climb will take you to Likov vrh. Continue to Rožno and connect to the main road after a steep descent, then turn left. Continue alongside the Sava past the Turn Castle, cross the bridge and head back to the starting point.

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Izhodiščna točka: Pečnik Inn (Gostilna Pečnik in Slovene)
Končna točka: Pečnik Inn
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