Mighty waterfalls on the Bohor Range

The Bohor Range is the site of nature’s breath-taking masterpiece.

Bohor is the name of a range of hills to the north of Krško that extends in a 20-km long east-west arc. The highest-lying settlement on Bohor is Stranje at 820 m above sea level, and its highest hill is the Veliki Javornik peaking at 1024 m. The mighty and proud woods have since times immemorial provided shelter and home to humans and many plant and animal species.
Lovers of the great outdoors appreciate the Bohor Range also for a wonderful natural masterpiece – four magnificent waterfalls: Bojanca, Pekel, Ubijavnik and Bojavnik. The effervescent waters come falling from heights of over 15 metres. The waterfalls remain relatively unknown, so there is not much disrupting the peace and quiet of the area. And given that they are hidden deep in the narrow ravines of their streams, they are off the tourist trail and do not see crowds of visitors. That said, they are perfectly accessible to anyone in reasonably good physical shape and with some experience. The Four Waterfalls Trail is a great idea for a full-day trip into the wonderful world of waterfalls.

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