Onions and cviček wine at Raka

Visit the first embassy of cviček wine and taste the local onions – raška č’bula.

The most typical activities of the village of Raka are agriculture, winemaking, beekeeping and pottery. The first building when entering the village is the impressive Cvičkov hram Vineyard Cottage, where you will be served the special wine of Lower Carniola – cviček, accompanied by bacon and an autochthonous onion cultivar, the so-called raška č’bula.
Cultural sights worth visiting include: Raka Castle, the Humek homestead and St Lawrence’s parish church.
The members of the local tourism association will be happy to organise a guided visit of their village and its places of interest. But you may also, among other things, try your hand at the pottery spindle at the Kržan farm, which is famous for its long-time tradition of making ceramic items.


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