A walk through Krško Old Town

See Krško, the meeting place of diverse cultural heritage, magnificent religious architecture and monuments.

Krško is very rich in history: its territory has for a long time been the meeting place of the lives, paths and fates of many important personalities from the past. Today still, the culture-laden historical buildings in the renovated Old Town recount stories of the interesting lives and achievements from the days of yore.
The City Museum of  Krško hosts several permanent collections and temporary exhibitions, and it also welcomes various events.
The Old Town boasts numerous architectural and cultural points of interest, such as the Krško Gallery, the Mencinger House, Hočevar Square, the Valvasor Library of Krško, the Capuchin Monastery and its library, St Rosalia’s Church to name but a few, and it is also worth going for a walk in the Town Park.

Video Krško Old Town


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