Fishing on the Ponds and in the Rivers Sava and Krka

Are you among those who experience sheer bliss in being close to flowing water and pristine nature where peace and birdsong reign, allowing you to calm down and forget about the worries of everyday life?
If your answer is affirmative, then the right (and excellent) choice for you is to try fishing in the Rivers Sava or Krka, or our local Fishponds
Both the Sava and the Krka abound in a variety of fish species, such as: the common nase, cactus roach, common perch, Prussian carp, common rudd, chub, freshwater bream, asp, pikeperch and catfish. Both rivers allow for kayaking and canoeing and thus also for recreational fishing.
Fishing enthusiasts may also head to the idyllic settings of Mačkovci Fishponds (Ribniki Mačkovci in Slovene) near Brestanica and try their hand at fishing for common carp, grass carp, bighead carp, etc. A camper van parking with facilities is nearby, too. If you prefer, you may also pitch a tent.


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