Medieval day at Rajhenburg Castle

Medieval happenings and the life of the lords of the manor

Each year in August, Rajhenburg Castle (Grad Rajhenburg in Slovene) hosts an event that recreates with a great sense of authenticity medieval happenings and the life of the lords of the manor, typical scenes from that period as well as medieval clothing, food, customs, music and dance, weaponry and knights’ armours and other equipment. Those who decide to spend a good part of their day at the event will be travel back in time to the old days when they people nothing about modern technology and when interpersonal relations were simpler and perhaps more genuine.
It is no coincidence that the event is held at Rajhenburg Castle, which is imbued with rich history and impresses its visitors with the stories of its interesting residences through various museum collections. The event and seeing all the points of interest that the Castle offers is, by all means, a ‘must’ for any history buff.


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