Take the bicycle for a picnic at Ravni log

A wonderful clearing in the woods in the middle of the Bohor Range is a picture postcard setting, ideal for a carefree picnic underneath a mighty tree. It is very likely that the only thing between you and total peace and quiet will be the songs of the birds and the rustling of the woods, as this wonderful location is slightly off the beaten track.
For a complete experience, why not stay at the countryside Kozmus Hostel, where it is quite likely that you will be served a meal or a drink by the owner, Olympic gold medallist Primož Kozmus?! Then just rent an e-bicycle, buy vegetables and cured meats from local farmers and set off towards Ravni log.
Despite a steep climb towards Ravni log, you will reach it in less than an hour thanks to an e-bike. Those of you who are in good shape, you can stick to traditional bicycles, of course, but since there are forest trails involved, we do recommend a mountain bike.
Round off you day of picnicking in intact nature by diving into the pool at Brestanica for some true summertime refreshment.


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