Apolon Pub

The Apolon Pub – the right place for a great time out with drinks and tasty food.

Good food and drink are the focal points where paths meet in all cultures of the world. Socialising at a table laden with culinary delights becomes time and again an unforgettable journey. At the Apolon Pub (Pivnica Apolon in Slovene), they say their aim is to become and remain one of your gastronomic go-to-places, so they will prepare inspiring culinary evenings every month of the year.
Of course, a holistic culinary experience would not be possible were it not for carefully elaborated menus, good wines and attentive service. Rest assured that all of the above and more awaits you at the Apolon Pub, where such gourmet dinner parties are devised with the outmost attention to detail in the collaboration between reputed winemakers, renowned chef Andrej Čepin and staff who always bring a smile to everyone’s face.         
In today’s hectic pace of life, it has, more than ever, become important that we can take the time just to hang out and have a relaxed chat while enjoying good food.


Address:Dalmatinova ulica 3, 8270 Krško
Phone:07 490 23 60
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