Pečnik Inn

The Pečnik Inn on the banks of the Sava below the mighty Castle offers fish dishes and other specialties.

The Pečnik Inn (Gostilna Pečnik in Slovene) is situated on the national road between Krško and Sevnica, next to Brestanica Bridge on the right bank of the Sava. It is famous for its excellent homemade food and wines from its own vineyards, especially the Blue Franconian, followed closely by the regional white and the cviček. The inn has daily early and standard lunch and dinner set menus as well as a wide à la carte selection of dishes.
Upon prior arrangements, they are also able to accept large parties.
The Pečnik Inn also has a camper van parking space paved with asphalt. It is situated on the very bank of the Sava below the mighty Rajhenburg Castle, so it is an excellent starting point for visits to the nearby Castle, to see Brestanica and its Basilica or for hiking or cycling on the many trails in the area, not to mention aquatic fun at the Brestanica Pool.


Address: Gunte 8a, 8270 Krško
Phone:041 791 437
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