The Town Park

In addition to the artistic portrayals of important personalities, the Park allows for a relaxed stroll among the trees.

Located in the middle of Town Park (Mestni park in Slovene), a former cemetery, is the erstwhile Church of the Holy Cross, now the Hall in the Park. There are only three sepulchres of famous Krško residents still left in the Park: the final resting place of the politician and author Dr Janez Mencinger; nearby is the tomb of the first head teacher, historian of Krško and founder of the regional loan bank Ivan Lapajne; and the Hočevar Mausoleum with the remains of Martin and Josipina Hočevar. Also located in the Park are the Valvasor Library with the Capuchin Library and the Grove of the Deserving Citizens with the busts of famous residents of the Municipality of Krško. 


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