Ajdovska Cave

Ajdovska Cave (Ajdovska jama in Slovene) is situated in the karstic area of the Krško Hills near the village of Nemška vas. It is an archaeological site first discovered in late 19th century. Excavations to date have proven human presence during the Late Palaeolithic, though some argue that it was being used even earlier. It served as a place of worship, farewell and burial. Many items were discovered in the graves, some almost 6,000 years old (pottery, necklaces and bracelets, tools). Apart from humans, the cave was a shelter for various animal as attested by a 50,000-year-old cave bear skeleton and bat remains dating back 5 millennia. The cave, which was being used as a refuge as late as the Antiquity and even the High Middle Ages, is one of Slovenia’s most important archaeological sites. The items found during the excavations are exhibited at the Museum of the Lower Sava Valley at Brežice.


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