Basilica of Our Lady of Lourdes

The Basilica of Our Lady of Lourdes (Bazilika Lurške Matere Božje in Slovene), also dubbed the Slovenian Lourdes, is a pilgrimage church and the parish church of the Brestanica Parish. It is situated in the centre of Brestanica, not far from Krško. The church is one of the largest churches in the country and the largest in the Lower Sava Valley.
Its sheer size and architecture inspire awe and attracts domestic and foreign tourists alike. The mighty three-aisled church, which was built between 1908 and 1914 in the Neo-Romanesque style, is considered one of Slovenia’s finest examples of Revival religious art.


Address:45.995122, 15.476823
Phone:07 497 91 60

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