Geological collection of fossils and minerals

The geological collection consists of samples of rocks, fossils and minerals. It is on display at the Senovo Primary School (Osnovna šola Senovo). This collection of 192 examples of magmatic, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks was created through the exchanges between Slovenian pupils that took place over twenty years ago.
Most of the fossils stem from the former mine collection, while the collection of minerals is based on acquisitions from the Natural History Museum of Slovenia and the aforementioned mine collection. In terms of chemical systematics, all nine groups are represented through 210 samples. The collection is displayed in the school’s corridors and visits are possible upon prior agreement with the school’s management.
Additionally, the corridors also display a presentation of the mining traditions spanning two centuries, with details such a mine shaft, miner equipment and machinery.
Sightseeing is upon request and prior agreement.


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