Grove of the Deserving Citizens

In 2000, the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Krško adopted the Rules on the criteria and procedures for the selection of personalities that the Municipality wishes to keep in the Grove of the Deserving Citizens (Gaj zaslužnih občank in občanov in Slovene). The monuments honour the memory of those who were either born or who resided and worked here, and whose creative output was a key contribution to the treasure trove of Slovenian achievements in various fields such as science, the arts, sports, or whose organisational work contributed importantly to the economic and social development of the Municipality as a whole or its respective localities.  
The busts of the following personalities were unveiled: sculptor and medallist Vladimir Štoviček, industrialist and patron of the arts Josipina Hočevar, co-founder of the University of Ljubljana Professor Mihajlo Rostohar, botanist Professor France Vardjan, and two Slovenian protestants: grammarian and teacher Adam Bohorič, and the author of the first Slovenian translation of the Holy Bible Jurij Dalmatin. 
Text based on the article by Volfand J. and Čanja V. (ed.): KRŠKO (published by Fit media, 2012), and Pravilnik o postopku in merila za izbor osebnosti, katerih spomin bomo počastili z javnimi obeležji v Gaju zaslužnih občank in občanov v Krškem in drugih za to primernih krajih v Občini Krško (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 117/2000 (19 December 2000) (i.e. the abovementioned Rules)).


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