Mačkovci Fishponds

Situated some 2 kilometres northeast of Brestanica are the so-called Mačkovci Fishponds (Ribniki Mačkovci in Slovene) first created by the Counts of Reichenburg and later maintained by the Trappist monks. The wider area of the three artificial ponds extends over 15 hectares, while the water surfaces account for 6.5 hectares. The current owner of the Ponds, a very popular spot for fishermen and other visitors alike, is the Fishing Club of Brestanica – Krško. A welcoming inn by the water offers tasty treats, while the surrounding meadows and forests provide for a pleasant setting for walks, making the site a firm favourite for fishing and daytrips. Many species of animals can be observed living in the area – turtles, grey heron, grebe and rare frog species, while the predominant fish are the common and grass carp, catfish, and the common rudd.


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