Speedway Room

The Valvasor Library of Krško also features the so-called ‘Speedway Room’ (Speedway soba in Slovene), which houses a special collection or a ‘miniature museum’ named ‘Speedway in Slovenia’. This is the only publicly accessible collection of its kind in Slovenia, which preserves the rich technical and cultural heritage for today’s and future generations. The collection consists mostly of curiosities from the past of this interesting racing sport, which has been a cherished tradition in Krško for over fifty years. The numerous items on display include a motorbike, a rider’s gear, starting numbers, cups, awards and mechanics’ equipment and a lot more. But, perhaps most importantly, there is a story behind every object in the collection, recounting the good half a century of the Slovenian speedway history, as well as information on the famous racers and events that shaped this special and fascinating sport. Visitors may also watch short documentaries from the history of speedway in Slovenia.


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