Day of chocolate and liqueurs at Rajhenburg

The programme of this special event is based on the exceptionally rich heritage left to Brestanica, the Lower Sava Valley and to the entire Slovenia by the Trappist monks who were active in the area between 1881 and 1947.
The Trappists of Rajhenburg were the first in Slovenia to have made chocolate on an industrial scale. They were also producing the so-called Cacao liqueur made of cocoa, and the Grande and Trapistin liqueurs based on medicinal herbs.
Their produce was being sold throughout Europe.
The Day of chocolate and liqueurs at Rajhenburg Castle combines the offers of various makers of chocolate, liqueurs, pastries and cakes, confectionery, and beverages based on chocolate; of course, it also involves tastings, ‘chocolate’ workshops for all generations, expert lectures and presentations, as well as guided visits of the Trappists at Rajhenburg Exhibition.       


Address:Cesta izgnancev 3 8280 Brestanica
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