Evening of cviček wine at Raka

Each year, as part of the village fete and celebration of the local patron saint, St Lawrence, the Winemakers’ Association of Raka organises what is known as Evening of cviček wine at Raka, which traditionally begins with a panel discussion. Various topics are discussed amid winegrowing hills, in front of the beautiful Cviček Vineyard Cottage (Cvičkov hram in Slovene), and it always sees the participation of very interesting guests.
The event therefore presents both an opportunity to gain new knowledge as well as the perfect occasion to socialise with friends over good old homemade fare and the immensely popular light red wine called cviček.  


Address:Društvo vinogradnikov Raka, Cirje 27C, Cirje, 8274 Raka
Phone:041 739 557
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