St George’s Feast at Zdole

St George’s Feast at Zdole or ‘jurjevanje’ in Slovene is one of the best known and loved traditional events in the Lower Sava Valley. It is organised by the Zdole Association for Tourism and Horticulture and by the Zdole Local Community.
The festive activities will typically start at 5 in the morning with the pealing of the bells of the parish church followed by a reveille played by the Krško Brass Band.
Then the villagers proceed to making a fried egg breakfast for everyone present – they collected several thousand eggs as well as sausages from all households on the eve of the feast. After breakfast, it is time for the arrival of the Green George (‘zeleni Jurij’), a character typical of certain folkloric traditions of Slovenia, who is a firm favourite especially with the youngest visitors.
But none of these special days can under any circumstances end without the villagers taking on each other in an interesting contest: the making of Zdole-style mushroom soup.
These gastronomic delights are followed by the climax of the fete – the start of the real party with a live band. St George’s Feast at Zdole is famous nationwide: up to 1,000 people from all corners of Slovenia typically attend the event each year.


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