Duzlar Wine Cellar

The Dular Homestead is surrounded by vineyards, and their wine is produced in a nature-friendly way.

The Dular Wine Cellar (Vinska Klet Dular in Slovene) of Kostanjek is surrounded by vineyards. Anyone who grew up here has learned to respect the noble grapevine.
You know how it goes: from the soil into the vine, from the vine into the grapes, from the grapes into the wine – all in a manner that is friendly both to nature and humans.
The latter is something that the Dular family swears by, given that they put a lot of effort and love into their vineyards, not using any herbicides or chemicals in their wine-making process.
The wines they will gladly offer you are: Sauvignon, Blue Franconian, House Red and House White.


Address:Kostanjek 20
Phone:041 606 728
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