Jarkovič Wines and Wine Library

Where good wine, just like a good book, tells a story.

The Jarkovič Wine Cellar and Wine Library (Vina in vinska knjižnica Jarkovič in Slovene) is in the village of Brod v Podbočju, very close to the winding River Krka, in the south eastern part of the Krško Basin and on the edge of Krakovski Forest.
They will treat their wines with special attention and much love as they believe that this, in addition to knowledge and experience, are two key conditions for good quality.
Their assortment of wines consists of reds such as cviček, Blue Franconian, Pinot Noir and Gamay, while the predominant white wines are Welschriesling (laški rizling in Slovene) and Welschriesling Selection.
All of their wines as well as homemade produce from local farms can be sampled and purchased at the Wine Library. 


Address:Brod v Podbočju 15a, 8312 Podbočje
Phone:041 747 229
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