Krško Cellar

The region’s largest wine cellar specialising in cviček wine.

Each wine has its character, history and tale to tell, which makes it special and impossible to replicate. It is a sort of a DNA engrained in the grapevine as well as in the people who have been planting and taking care of the noble vines for millennia, celebrating wine as a ritual nectar that connects and unites people.
If we want to understand wine, we must delve deep into the mystery of the environment that gave the vine the unique conditions to grow and ripen. First, we must get to know and get to love the rolling hills that the Upper Lower Carniolan (Gornjedolenska) Wine Route runs through, so that we will dare enter the very cradle of wine where, thanks to the millennia-old knowledge and experience from which our winemakers draw their expertise, the berries are transformed into the nectar of the gods.

At the Krško Cellar (Klet Krško in Slovene), this nectar is not only reserved for the select few. Because you should know that people in our part of the world are just like the earth. Generous and open. They will be glad to welcome you, regale you and – over a glass of wine, of course – tell you stories such as: Under the castle vaults with the Counts of Auersperg, Journey through time of the wine route, Our wines inspired Prešeren’s verses, Our friend the cviček – a global curiosity, Wine in all of its shades (an educational workshop and tasting for students), and Allow yourselves to me pampered (intended for experts and sommeliers).  Whatever the case may be, wine is accompanied by excellent homemade specialties.
And when you will be leaving our vaulted cellars, you will be leaving knowing that one does not only fill bottles with wine, but also with joy and sunshine soaked in by the grapes on the hills. And if your taste buds became excited when hearing this story, then you should simply head off to the Lower Sava Valley and visit them.


Address:Rostoharjeva 88, 8270 Krško
Phone:041 254 867
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