Pirc Wine Cellar

If you wish to taste award-winning cviček, head to the Pirc Wine Cellar.

In the heart of a cute village called Ravni, you will find the Pirc Homestead and their wine cellar (Vinska klet Pirc in Slovene). The magnificent panorama of its surroundings reveals an abundance of noble vineyards close by, with the Krško Basin and Gorjanci Hills in the distance.
The main activity of the winery is making an autochthonous Slovenian wine blend known as cviček.
Lately, however, they have been increasingly focusing on the production of a red single-variety wine from the Blue Franconian, and another specialty of Lower Carniola, dolenjsko belo. Their goal is to boost the quality of the wine produced as much as possible, only possible through hard work.
The quality of their cviček is attested by the many awards from various competitions, and in 2001, they received the ‘King of cviček’ title for their 2000 vintage.   


Address:Ravni 3, 8270 Krško
Phone:041 521 881
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