Žaren Winery

The Albiana Estate produces top-quality wines in nature’s green embrace.

The family is specialising in the production of cviček, this special wine from Lower Carniola and a phenomenon on the global scale.
In addition to winemaking, they also grow apples.
In their cviček, they are pursuing, year after year, to accentuate its freshness and easy-to-drink character. They believe that top quality is only made possible by total dedication and ceaseless learning. Therefore, they commit to the noble grapevine with precision and love.
The visitors to the winery (Vinarstvo Žaren in Slovene) can purchase cviček and Blue Franconian wines as well as apples, visit the vineyards and the wine cellar that has a rich history and tradition. The cellar is also unique for its building structure.


Address:Nemška vas 1, 8273 Leskovec pri Krškem
Phone:031 652 343
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