Raceland Go Kart Circuit

Krško is home to a modern go kart circuit, located in the immediate vicinity of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant.
The Raceland Circuit was built in 2006 and meets the international criteria for go kar races. It is 1050 metres long and features a total of 16 turns.
Technically speaking, it’s quite a demanding and varied track that has no less than 4 m difference in grade.
In addition to Slovenian cup and international races, as well as various other events, the Raceland allows all adrenaline junkies to rent go karts.
In the summer months – because it’s cooler and boosts adrenaline rushes – they will organise night races as well as rent-a-kart on the floodlit track.  


Address:Pagrat d.o.o. PE Raceland, Vrbina
Phone:07 49 74 184
GPS:get directions

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