Achievements in Sustainable Tourism at Municipality of Krško in Year 2022

The municipality of Krško received the Slovenia Green Destination GOLD mark in 2022, which is the second highest on the list of the Slovenian Tourist Organization. The Slovenia Green Destination sign confirms that the destination Krško is recognized for its sustainable operation and will continue to develop this type of tourist offer in the future.

Since joining the Green scheme of Slovenian tourism, the Municipality has focused their efforts on sustainable tourist development through the following activities in 2022:

1. Education and capacity building to promote the transition to a green economy and sustainable resource management between tourist service providers. The following training was provided for tourism sector:
  • Success factors that lead to guest satisfaction and culinary professionals satisfaction
  • Call to sign the pledge LESS plastic, MORE sustainability
  • Public tender to promote the introduction of environmental and sustainability signs for providers in catering and tourism
  • Intangible cultural heritage and its protection in Slovenia (lecture and presentation of the Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage)
  • Ethical business management and Developing the future
  • The power of regenerative tourism for the development of green Posavje
  • Eco-design in the circular economy and the Green Transition of Slovenian tourism
  • How do we organize a low-carbon event and calculate its carbon footprin

2. Development projects
Local communities, institution companies and associations in Krško destination are actively involved in different projects at the level of local community and region as part of tourism development in Krško. Some of the projects below were implemented in 2022 with the help of EU financial support and have helped in the development of tourist destination:
  • Fresh - Tasty - Local (short supply chain from farmer to restaurant)
  • Experience the energy of the Sava (new motorhome stop, energy route along the Sava)
  • Fish legends (new tourist products in which cuisine, nature, cultural heritage, cycling and hiking experiences are intertwined)
  • Beekeeping mosaic (establishment of a beekeeping center and new products)
  • Ajdov stories from Posavje (preservation of nature and landscape and inclusion of natural and cultural heritage in the development of sustainable tourism, new tourist product)
  • ECO flavors of Slovenia (organic farmers will connect with top chefs and eco stores)
3. Development of tourist infrastructure
The following public investments into buildings and equipment were procured in 2022 for the purpose of tourist infrastructure development:
  • Upgrading the infrastructure on the fairytale-experience path of Krškočara
  • New route Raka - Cirje - Jelenik

4. Concern for cultural heritage

Digital innovation of the cultural heritage of Posavja castles - The subject of digital innovation was the following cultural heritage units of Slovenia: Brežice Castle, Mokrice Castle, Rajhenburg Castle, Sevnica Castle, Kostanjevica Monastery on Krka and the castle ruins of Svibno and Kunšperk. Castles and castle ruins are covered in the form of attractive displays of 3D models, 360-degree images and videos with 3D models. The so-called interpretation room in Terme Čatež, called the Digital castle room of Posavja Castle, which is equipped with the most modern technological equipment: holograms, VR glasses, LCD screens and tablets.

5. Green experiences
The counterbalance to mass tourism is green, boutique experiences. In 2022, the title of boutique experience was awarded to the tourism product Seven Magnificent - Inspiring Stories of Posavje Castles (a journey between seven castles in Posavje, adorned with rich cultural heritage, unforgettable views and culinary indulgences).

6. Tourist events and events
Tourist events and events are a very important factor for a destination, as the destination is also presented and promoted through events. In 2022, the following were carried out:
  • Green Day in cooperation with the STO
  • Krško Beer Festival & BBQ Krško (local offer, seasonal ingredients, no plastic)
  • Summer spin raspberry (local offer, seasonal ingredients, no plastic)
  • The Month of Tastes of Posavje (getting to know local gastronomy with an emphasis on local ingredients)
  • Street festival Tastes of Posavje (local offer, seasonal ingredients, no plastic)
  • World Tourism Day (implementation in cooperation with associations)
  • Martin's weekend in Posavje
  • Turning on holiday lights (plastic-free)
  • Holiday weekend
  • Events at the Videm market and the promotion of rural economies (Carnival Fair, Easter Fair, Family Picnic in the Park, Martin's Autumn Fair, Nicholas Fair)

7. Cooperation and tourism promotion at regional and national level

Municipality of Krško is promoted as an independent tourist destination and is additionally involved in and promoted as part of wider regional tourist destination of Čatež and Posavje, known as the land of castles, fine dining and wine.

8. Sustainable mobility
The aim of Municipality of Krško in accordance with the Integrated transport strategy is to continue activities for sustainable traffic planning to increase the possibilities for waking, cycling and use of public transportation:
  • By constructing cycling routes and extending the network of (free-of-charge) Krčan bicycle-sharing stations to improve the safety and accessibility of cycling to all important points in the city. Currently, 55 bicycles are available at 11 bicycle-sharing stations.
  • An extended line of the city bus on the route through Spodnja Libna, Stari Grad and Spodnji Stari Grad
  • Start of construction of the Krško - Kostanjevica na Krka cycling routh with a total length of 19.5 km.