Achievements in Sustainable Tourism at Urban Municipality of Krško in 2021

Urban Municipality of Krško has joined the Green scheme of Slovenian tourism in 2021 with the intention of becoming known as a sustainable destination. Municipality uses the widely adopted Green Destination Standard tool for measuring the sustainability profile of tourist destinations, allowing it to be comparable and visible on national and international level.


Since joining the Green scheme of Slovenian tourism, the Municipality has focused their efforts on sustainable tourist development through the following activities in 2021:
  • 2 tourist destinations (Hotel Kunst and Tri lučke) received the Green Key award to support their role in environmentally friendly sustainable tourism at the destination.  The Green Key award is a leading standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry. 

  • Education and capacity building to promote the transition to a green economy and sustainable resource management between tourist service providers. The following training was provided for tourism sector:
    - Capacity building for hospitality and tourism sector in Posavje region
    - Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism (GSST) and opportunities for Krško
    - How to become a green(er) tourist service provider 
  • Development projects
    Local communities, institutions, companies and associations in Krško destination are actively involved in different projects at the level of local community and region as part of tourism development in Krško. Some of the projects below were implemented in 2021 with the help of EU financial support and have helped in the development of tourist destination:
    - Fresh – Delicious – Local (shorter supply chain from farmer to restaurant)
    - Experience the energy of Sava River (new caravan site, energy path along Sava River)
    - Fish legends (new tourism products combining gastronomy, nature, cultural heritage, cycling and trekking experiences)
    - Beekeeping mosaic (new beekeeping center and new products)
    - Black-and-white wealth in the Krško plains (Action plan for development of gastronomy tourism including the formation of partnerships from farming, gastronomy, tourism, culture and education sectors) 

  • Development of tourist infrastructure
    The following public investments into buildings and equipment were procured in 2021 for the purpose of tourist infrastructure development:
    - Krškočara fantasy and experience path
    - Thematic path to Mohor – walk in the footsteps of Trappist monks
    - Installation of 10 interactive information panels 

  • Tourist events
    ​Tourist events are an important factor for tourist destinations by representing and promoting the destination. Despite COVID-19 epidemic, the following events were performed in 2021:
    - Summer raspberry event (local offering, seasonal ingredients, no plastic materials)
    - Taste of Krško street food (local offering, seasonal ingredients, no plastic materials)
    - Saint Martin's weekend in Posavje region (free bus ride for event visitors)
    - The month of Posavje tastes (promoting local gastronomy with focus on local ingredients)
    - Events at Videm market and promotion of countryside economies (Carnival fair, Easter fair, Fishing fair, Family picnic at the park) 

  • Cooperation and tourism promotion at regional and national level
    Urban municipality of Krško is promoted as an independent tourist destination and is additionally involved in and promoted as part of wider regional tourist destination of Čatež and Posavje, known as the land of castles, fine dining and wine.
  • Sustainable mobility
    The aim of Urban municipality of Krško in accordance with the Integrated transport strategy is to continue activities for sustainable traffic planning to increase the possibilities for waking, cycling and use of public transportation:
    - By constructing cycling routes and extending the network of (free-of-charge) Krčan bicycle-sharing stations to improve the safety and accessibility of cycling to all important points in the city. Currently, 40 bicycles are available at 8 bicycle-sharing stations.
    - Pešbus escorted walk to school at Jurij Dalmatin primary school (activities for promotion of walking among children)
    - 7 battery-charging stations for electric vehicles
    - 2 new routes for city bus
    - Completed construction of Park&Ride parking lot next to railway station (128 parking spaces, 7 parking spaces for disabled, 2 parking spaces for electric vehicle charging, 3 parking spaces for cargo vehicles). Park&Ride system is a combination of private and public transportation allowing the user to drive to town by car and continue by public transportation (city bus, free-of-charge bicycle, on foot).
    - Contract signed for construction of 19.5-kilometer cycling route between Krško and Kostanjevica na Krki.

  • Public communication
    Local public was regularly informed of the activities related to sustainable tourism:
    Green sheme of slovenian tourism and report on sustainability indicator of the Krško tourist destination
    Krško Region Green Habits
    Green Tips for Visitors to the Krško Region

    The full final report Achievements in Sustainable Tourism at Urban Municipality of Krško in 2021​