Report on Sustainability Indicators of the Krško Tourist Destiantion for year 2022

The municipality of Krško received the Slovenia Green Destination GOLD mark in 2022, which is the second highest on the list of the Slovenian Tourist Organization. The Slovenia Green Destination sign confirms that the destination Krško is recognized for its sustainable operation and will continue to develop this type of tourist offer in the future.

In 2022, the Municipality of Krško has a population of 25,872 people. It covers an area of 286.5 km2 and is situated in the south-eastern part of Slovenia, where the valley of the Sava River widens into the vast Krško polje plain, with the River Krka winding across its southern edge. It has 158 settlements and 16 local communities. It is situated in the Krško valley, along the Krško polje plain, intersected by the rivers Krka and Sava, bordered by the hill ranges Bohor and Gorjanci.

The area of Krško is easily accessible by traffic. Tourists mostly travel by their own cars. The fastest route from western Slovenia is the Ljubljana – Zagreb motorway. From the Maribor direction, it can be reached by road along the Sava River. From the Zagreb direction, it can be accessed by the motorway to Drnovo. There are three railway stations in the area: Brestanica, Krško and Libno, which link traffic from Ljubljana, Maribor and Zagreb.  Airports are in Zagreb (about 50 km away) and Ljubljana (about 100 km away).

Protected areas of the destination cover a total of 9.6% of the destination's area, while Natura 2000, ecological focus areas and natural values cover 21.2%, 44.8%, and 11.3% of the destination’s area, respectively.

As much as 70% of waste out of the total quantity of waste in the destination has been collected separately, and 60,8% of wastewater has been treated, as regards sold water in the destination.

The destination offers numerous hiking and cycling routes that attract visitors. A diverse choice of trails is available, ranging from short walks and easy trips to more challenging trails. The majority of visitors come from March to November (the hiking festival in spring and autumn and numerous events during the summer).

The destination is easily accessible and safe. It encourages environmentally friendly, carbon-free travel within the destination. In that context, visitors can make use of the free bicycle rental system Krčan, which includes 11 rental stations with 55 bicycles. There are also providers of electric bikes and charging stations for e-vehicles. In 2022, the construction of  the bicycle connection between Krško and Kostanjevica na Krka began, with a total length of 19.5 km.

We are aware of the green capital of the destination, and we want to preserve the valuable heritage for future generations by fostering sustainably oriented development in all areas, including tourism, and by observing the guidelines of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism.

The destination has 371 registered cultural heritage units; of those, 56 units have a status of a cultural monument (5 units of national significance and 51 units of local significance).

The destination has also something else to offer. Two tourism companies have already obtained the internationally recognized Green Key sustainability label (Kunst restaurant and hotel, Tri lučke restaurant and hotel) and, on the basis of the primary label, also obtained the secondary label Slovenia Green Cuisine and Slovenia Green Accommodation.

The destination promotes itself as an active, green and environmentally friendly destination, with an emphasis on tradition and culture and a commitment to sustainable tourism.