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Gastronomic events

For the first time ever in the Lower Sava Valley region (‘Posavje’ in Slovene), we have prepared a week-long series of events under the collective OKUSI POSAVJA/TASTE POSAVJE brand, which presents the best our region can offer in terms of gastronomy, winemaking and farm produce. Participating under the motto Fresh-Local-Tasty are the Lower Sava Valley’s top-class chefs, winemakers and other providers of food whose common trait is the appreciation of the excellent ingredients produced in the region.

Between 29 August and 7 September 2019, many different events will take place during the Taste Posavje Week, allowing attendees to discover our local gastronomy by offering a broad palette of varied flavours. No fancy words; we simply wish to present the best you can get in the Lower Sava Valley.
In order to showcase Slovenia’s South East in a wider gastronomic sense, the events will focus on various flavours, catering to curious gourmands who may stop by for a visit lasting a couple of hours only, or let themselves be pampered for a day or two in addition to seeing the places of general interest.

Below, you will find the entire programme of the Week’s events and the list of the participating providers, partners and sponsors:

Thursday, 29 August, Tri lučke Estate
Opening event of the week dedicated to the gastronomy of the Lower Sava Valley
The opening event is intended for Slovenian and Croatian media, travel agents and other stakeholders from the field of tourism. Under the OKUSI POSAVJA/TASTE POSAVJE brand, the top chefs, winemakers and other producers will present the best that the Lower Sava Valley has to offer, thereby kicking off the week-long culinary extravaganza in Posavje.

Tri lučke, Ošterija Debeluh, Gostilna Repovž, Gostilna Kunst, Splavar, Restavracija Ajda, Gostilna Jež, Gostilna Šempeter (restaurateurs), Penine Istenič, Keltis, Kmetija Kobal, Vinska klet Žaren, Klet Krško, Domaine Slapšak, Vina Kerin, Vino Kozinc, Vinska klet Molipachi, Klet Lipej (wineries), Pivovarna Ressel (brewery), Sirarna Gorišek (cheese and dairy farm), Eko kmetija Kukenberger, Evrosad (farms), Žganjekuha Budič (spirits), Kmečka zadruga Sevnica, Ekološka kmetija Repovž (farm produce), Olja Balon (oil mill), Slaščičarna in kavarna Julija (patisserie), Kmetija Grobelnik (farm).
Sponsors: Avtohiša Makoma (car dealership), Luxury transport, DG  Duke Group, eVino (online wine merchant), Cvetličarna Irena (florist). 
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Friday, 30 August – Friday 6 September, throughout the Lower Sava Valley (Posavje) region.
A week of regional gastronomy presented by a selection of the best restaurants and inns from the Lower Sava Valley.
Between 30 August and 6 September, restaurateurs from the Lower Sava Valley will place a special emphasis on the dishes based on fresh, local ingredients, and prepare interesting menus showcasing the quality of local farm providers. Of course, their approaches do differ, so expect variety, spontaneity and clarity, all in the company of the region’s best wines. Check the offer with the individual providers and make sure you book in good time.

Gostilna Repovž +386 7 818 56 61, Tri lučke +386 7 620 58 06 , Gostilna Kunst +386 7 488 03 18,  Debeluh +386 7 496 10 70 , Splavar +386 7 499 06 30, Restavracija Ajda 081 603 060, Pivnica Apolon +386 7 490 23 60, Gostilna Les +386 7 496 11 00, Gostišče Dolinšek +386 7 81 41 595, Gostilna Šempeter +386 3 580 42 22, Restavracija Silvester +386 7 814 65 00, Gostilna Pečnik +386 7 497 15 62, Gostilna Jež +386 3 568 52 40, Gostilna Žolnir +386 7 498 71 33.

Tuesday, 3 September at 6 PM, Žaren Winery
Round table on: WINE TOURISM
The speakers taking part in the round table will focus on the following topics:
How to reach added value at winemaking farms by developing a comprehensive wine tourism product;
Measures undertaken by the Ministry of Agriculture for the next perspective in the field of initiatives to develop accommodation at winemaking farms;
The challenges faced by winemakers in the Lower Sava Valley. 
The event, intended for individual winemakers, winemakers’ associations and other interested parties will provide an opportunity for active involvement of the attendees with their questions and initiatives regarding the topics. Attendance is free of charge, but places are limited. Apply at : or phone +386 51 655 226.
Event host:  Drago Bulc
Participants at the discussion:
Jernej Žaren (Žaren Winery), Lojze Kerin (Kerin Winery), Rok Petančič (Head of the Blue Franconian Project, KŠTM Sevnica), Professor Aleš Gačnik (University of Primorska),  Dr Aleksandra Pivec, (Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of the Republic of Slovenia), Jean-Michel Morel (Kabaj Morel Homestead)
Sponsor: Avtoline Krško
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Saturday, 7 September, starting at 5 PM, Krško Old Town
Festival of Wines and Gastronomy
This is a street festival held in the Old Town, where stands will be offering a variety of dishes with emphasis on fish and krškopoljski pork, of course once again in the company of winemakers from the region. Access is free of charge, while food and drinks can be ordered by exchanging them for coupons purchased available for purchase at the event.
Winemakers:  Kerin – Hiša frankinje, Hiša trt, vina in čokolade Kunej, Klet Pirc, Vinska klet Žaren, Vina Dular, Klet Krško, Vinska klet Molan, Vinarstvo Keltis, Vinska klet Mastnak , Vinotrs d.o.o.- Robert Jarkovič , Kmetija Kobal, Vina Kozinc, Vino Kralj, Hiša vina Grabnar.
Gastronomy: Splavar, Gostilna Pečnik, Restavracija Ajda, Restavracija Silvester, Gostilna Jež
Music: Klara in Lovro
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Saturday, 7 September, Krško Old Town
The Atrium of Selected Flavours  (Mencinger House) 5 – 7.30 PM
In the wonderful Mencinger House atrium, chefs of the Lower Sava Valley will spoil you with their culinary masterpieces, face to face with the region’s best wineries.
Guest chef: MIKE HUSNEY from Cleveland, Ohio.
Attendance fee is 40 euros per person (5 euros of which will serve as a donation for talented students), and can be paid in advance until Monday 2 September 2019 at Gostilna Kunst (+386 7 488 03 18), Restavracija Tri lučke (+386 7 620 58 06) and Gostilna Repovž (+386 7 818 56 61). Included in the price is a glass, 6 courses, wine accompaniment and free ride back home (up to 15-kilometre radius).
Sponsor of the free rides: Avtoline Krško
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The Taste Posavje Week is organised by the Krško Centre for Entrepreneurship and Tourism in collaboration with the Municipality of Krško and regional providers. The partner of the Festival of Wine and Gastronomy (on 7 September) is KŠTM Sevnica. More information can be obtained by emailing or calling +386 41 353 505 (the contact is Ksenja Kragl, programme manager of the event).