Buckwheat žganci
Ajdovi žganci

Ingredients (for 5 people):
500 g of buckwheat flour
2 l of water
A spoon of crackling
1. Boil 2 l of salted water.
2. Pour in it the buckwheat flour.
3. Flip the lump upside down in the boiling water, pierce in the middle to make a chimney of sorts.
4. Flip it around again after 12 minutes, pierce again and cook for a further 20 minutes.
5. Pour away some of the water.
6. Stir it (it should be the consistency of very thick mashed potatoes) and if needed, add back some of the water you have removed earlier.
7. Fluff it up a bit with a fork placed on a wooden spoon to create a sort of a lumpy, crumbly texture.
8. Add hot crackling along with its rendered fat and the dish is done!